Our Basic Principles of Human Resources

Without compromising our ethical approach, we approach business processes with quality time and information sharing, and we prioritize being with our employees by implementing creative, reliable, contemporary human resources policies that are open to new ideas with our vision and mission.

To determine the qualifications of the personnel suitable for the nature of the task and to carry out the appointment procedures,
Identifying the trainings needed for the development of the staff's ability to do business, entrepreneurship, success and effort, and ensuring that they are received,
Encouraging personnel to work in accordance with ethical values and principles of ethical behavior and the principles of efficiency, profitability and corporate culture, and to encourage their loyalty to the organization,
Continuously reviewing, updating and improving the Human Resources policy and informing the personnel in a timely manner on matters concerning the personnel,

Careers in Dikmen Defense!

We strive to create qualified human resources that are highly motivated, protect and enhance the corporate image, emphasize innovative work, attach importance to service and see their work as part of a whole.
Internship Opportunities
Internship Opportunities
We offer internship programs to train future defense technology experts. Internship positions are available for university students and recent graduates, where they can gain real-world experience and have the opportunity to work with experts in the industry.
Job Opportunities
Job Opportunities
It offers job opportunities to experienced and skilled professionals in a wide range of positions. A wide range of opportunities are available for candidates interested in a career in various fields such as engineering, design, manufacturing, quality control, sales and marketing.