Expert and reliable business partner in the defense industry

As Dikmen Savunma Sanayii, we offer high-level security and defense solutions to our customers by combining high technology and engineering know-how.

R&D-oriented production

Dikmen Defense started its operations in 2018 and has been playing an important role in the defense industry ever since. We invest heavily in R&D to adapt to constantly evolving and changing defense needs. Using innovative ideas and the latest technologies, we strive to provide competitive products and advantages to our stakeholders.
  1. High technology

    We add value to all stages of production with our wide and advanced technology machine park.
  2. R&D and P&D

    Meet a team experienced in research and product development.

Environmentally Friendly, Satisfaction Oriented

Environmental awareness and sustainability are core values of our business. We optimize our production processes with environmentally friendly methods and work meticulously on waste management. We also actively participate in various sustainability projects to fulfill our social responsibility towards our communities and stakeholders. Dikmen Defense always considers customer satisfaction as a priority and attaches importance to establishing long-term business relationships with our customers. By offering customized solutions to our customers, we aim to fully adapt to their needs and exceed their expectations.
  • Our Mission

    As Dikmen Defense, our mission is to continuously develop innovative approaches and produce high quality products to provide the highest level of security and defense solutions in the defense industry. By fully understanding the needs of our customers, we are committed to helping them overcome challenges in the field of defense, using the latest technology and engineering know-how.

  • Our Vision

    As Dikmen Savunma, our vision is to become a globally recognized brand in the defense industry and to continuously strengthen our leading position in the sector. By focusing on innovation and quality, we strive to gain the trust of our customers and offer the best solutions for their security. We also aim to be a company that makes positive contributions to the environment and society by adopting the principles of sustainability and social responsibility.