Values That Keep Us Standing

Company values hold the business together like glue, ensuring that the business does not easily collapse due to difficulties, crises and unforeseen risks. Organizations cannot survive for a long time, create competitive advantage and operate profitably as a result of the lack of core values. Core values show the continuity of the quality of our business, its reliability and respectability.
Customer Focus
To be close to our customers, to be able to make the risk-return analysis in accordance with their expectations, to provide the necessary and desired quality service in order to increase the assets of our customers in line with this analysis
To maximize productivity by synergizing the understanding of cooperation and division of labor with an effective sharing and solidarity skill
Dynamism & Innovation
To always seek the better and the new with an inexhaustible energy for the continuous development of our values, services and products in the most appropriate way to the market conditions with its expert and competent human resources and by remaining loyal to our corporate policies
Objectivity & Impartiality
To ensure that relations with customers are carried out without allowing any conflict of interest in the fulfillment of capital market activities, that our shareholders are informed accurately, fully and timely, and that our comments on the markets are carried out with an objective understanding
Valuing Employees
To ensure the continuous training and development of our expert staff that we have recruited in accordance with our values with an understanding of corporate social responsibility; to implement a human resources policy that is comfortable, safe and within a specific career plan by providing equal rights to those in equal conditions without discrimination based on religion, language, race and gender
Being aware that the more you try to be perfect, the better you will be
To comply with the principles of confidentiality within the scope of laws, our corporate policies and ethical values in matters that may affect the identity and transactions of our customers and our share value
Social Responsibility
While striving to fulfill our growth and profit-making objectives, to make the utmost effort to ensure that our employees, the environment and other internal and external factors provide maximum benefit